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Hello all! I just wanted to take a moment and wish you a great holiday season! With Thanksgiving week now in our past.. It’s on to a more merry season. ūüėČ I do hope all of you enjoyed time with family or that someone special. (even if that person is just u) Here at Bertera Nissan our Christmas...

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Quick Tip – Nissan Battery – Bertera Nissan

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So something came up on our Bertera Nissan FaceBook Fan Page where a car battery would drain after being left for a period of time. ¬†Now something that is not always recommended but can be a great idea if your Nissan is left unattended for a period of time. ¬†Even if your Nissan is not left for long periods of time the Battery Tender can extend the life of your battery. ¬†What really happens when you turn “off” your car? ¬†Well even those we believe it to be off.. ¬†There are still items at work. ¬†Even the smallest items that we may never ever think of like the radio holding your stations do take the smallest amount of energy. ¬†Even you miles on the dash take up a little bit. ¬†Over time these little items that we never think about do add up. ¬†They create what is called a draw. ¬†As they draw power from the battery. ¬†Now over night it is not a big deal. In some cases a couple of days or even more may not cause you any alarm. ¬†You get in and your car starts. ¬†But it could cause a dead battery even if your car is left “Off” for an extended period of time. ¬†I am sure you wonder how long it takes but there is not really a gauge for this. So, if you plan to leave your car for anything over a day/night you might want to look into a Battery Tender. ¬†As I stated before even if not you may as it could extend the life of your battery. ¬†A simple fact is that your car battery does not want to be run down.(discharged) ¬†It wants to have a fairly stable amount of charge. ¬†The more run down it gets and the less of a charge it will end up holding. ¬†And when the battery no longer wants to hold a charge. Well that is when it is time to replace the battery. ¬†By placing a Battery Tender on your Nissan it will aim to keep the battery at a full charge. ¬†That makes for a happy battery. I can not say that this will make your battery last forever because it will not, but it could help prolong its life. As well as not leave you with a dead battery, and car, in the am when we are all rushing out the door. ¬†We can only hope this tip can help a few Nissan owners out! ¬†To help those of ¬†you who do not know what a Battery Tender is here is a photo with a brief description.

Battery Tender

  • Complete 4-step charging program (initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode and float mode) that maintains batteries at full charge without overcharging via its 4-step charging system

You can find this particular Battery Tender on Amazon or request one from our Parts/Service center at Bertera Nissan.


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