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Nissan…. Bottom Line Event!

So the Fall has arrived! Were the leaves turn and the leaf peepers peep.. The Model years also turn to 14 in this end of the model year happens each and every year. The 2013 Leaves are falling off the tree’s and the 2013 Models prices fall and all making room for the new 2014 ones! Just as the...

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Nissan of Auburn

Posted by BerteraNissan | Posted in Auto, Bertera Nissan | Posted on 25-04-2011


Just dropping a line in here as its been a little while since I sat down and wrote something. Ive added some photos of our latest additions, the GT-R and Nissan NV, here at Bertera Nissan in Auburn but not written to you.  We had our best yet month last month and shared this glory with Nissan as well. And in a whole there has been major things going on in the world.. From whats going on in Japan and Nissan growing everyday. We start this month an enter a brand new to us world of Commercial Van Sales. The Nissan NV has great reviews and looks to be a game changer for us.  Just the drivers comfort level alone is unbelievable. Nissan went to great lengths to ensure the driver will not only be able to but want to be in his NV.  And the Nissan GT-R we just recently received is a beauty and a beast. Beauty as in just sitting here it draws so much attention.. You cant help but look at it. Beast… Yes at 530hp I would call it a beast. a 45 hp jump over the last model.  That’s a statement if I ever saw one! And un-official run at the ring shedding 3 seconds off there record run… Yes again.. BEAST. But dont let Nissan fool you.. They are not all work and race…  We still offer a great line-up designed for everyone. Meaning the everyday driver. As well as the environment friendly Nissan Leaf. Nissan took a huge gamble a couple of years ago when they did not jump all over the hybrids everyone else seemed to be. Instead they went their own way and looked into batter technology. With the hopes of a 100% electric vehicle. And low and behold they have the Nissan Leaf! Now is this the answer? I am not convinced yet.. But its a HUGE step in the right direction. I for one believe the Nissan Leaf is just the first step in self sustaining vehicles. Just my thought…  But the Nissan Leaf is one thing that no other can claim. The first affordable 100% electric car in our market. Here is a piece from ADC News, just click here to watch.