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Nissan – Just a walk around

We were walking around the lot the other day and I saw an opportunity to share a couple shots with you. Its a great time to Buy a Nissan! Yes it is always a good day to buy a Nissan here at Bertera Nissan.  Adding to that the end of the month is upon us it makes it an even better time to buy a Nissan!  

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It’s a small world after all- Bertera Nissan

Posted by BerteraNissan | Posted in Bertera Nissan | Posted on 11-03-2010

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   Times are changing and the world really is getting smaller. Not in size per say.. But who would of thought that you could get a message to the other side of the world in what.. seconds. Re-connect with people you haven’t or wouldn’t of ever seen again because of the screen your looking at right now. When I think about Face Book being the #1 visited site on Christmas it really makes me think how small the world is. I understood when it was google that was #1 as so many people use it. From looking up sites to asking a question. Where do you go for answers?  Google I bet..  Because even if your looking for a site that has the answers your probably going to google it to get there. But yes Facebook was #1 on Christmas and why.. because we are all connected in this “small world”. With the Facebook’s, Myspaces, twitters, multiple forums, blogs, and even more ways to connect with people. Or re-connect for that matter. Is the world really a big place? I know my uncle was in japan a couple of months ago and outside of the time difference he was a text away. And for that matter most of these Social Networks are now available on your phone. You don’t even need to text. You can input your “Status” right from your phone. You no longer have to e-mail (although you can from your phone) but send them a message on there social network or instant message them. Also right from your phone. Insert Social Media…  Now this is the latest and greatest wave of advertisement.  And for the most part it is free.. Well all but the time it takes to participate properly.

  Even right now I put one of our cars up on E-bay and I get people that are interested from all over the country. We have sold several GT-R’s at this point on only a few have been to local customers. Granted that car might not be considerd an every day driver for most of us out there.. But to think people can find us from anywhere at anytime can be shocking. And a bonus at the same time. The world wide web and many other mobile tools help everyone stay connect and able to reach or meet people all the time.

  I know even for me. I am “meeting” new people all the time. Some in person and alot from the web. As well as being able to stay in contact with people I would never of been able to in the past. You probably know ecaxtly what I am talking about on that one.  Well thats my rant for today 😉

Hope your all having a great day!