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Nissan of Auburn

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Just dropping a line in here as its been a little while since I sat down and wrote something. Ive added some photos of our latest additions, the GT-R and Nissan NV, here at Bertera Nissan in Auburn but not written to you.  We had our best yet month last month and shared this glory with Nissan as well. And in a whole there has been major things going on in the world.. From whats going on in Japan and Nissan growing everyday. We start this month an enter a brand new to us world of Commercial Van Sales. The Nissan NV has great reviews and looks to be a game changer for us.  Just the drivers comfort level alone is unbelievable. Nissan went to great lengths to ensure the driver will not only be able to but want to be in his NV.  And the Nissan GT-R we just recently received is a beauty and a beast. Beauty as in just sitting here it draws so much attention.. You cant help but look at it. Beast… Yes at 530hp I would call it a beast. a 45 hp jump over the last model.  That’s a statement if I ever saw one! And un-official run at the ring shedding 3 seconds off there record run… Yes again.. BEAST. But dont let Nissan fool you.. They are not all work and race…  We still offer a great line-up designed for everyone. Meaning the everyday driver. As well as the environment friendly Nissan Leaf. Nissan took a huge gamble a couple of years ago when they did not jump all over the hybrids everyone else seemed to be. Instead they went their own way and looked into batter technology. With the hopes of a 100% electric vehicle. And low and behold they have the Nissan Leaf! Now is this the answer? I am not convinced yet.. But its a HUGE step in the right direction. I for one believe the Nissan Leaf is just the first step in self sustaining vehicles. Just my thought…  But the Nissan Leaf is one thing that no other can claim. The first affordable 100% electric car in our market. Here is a piece from ADC News, just click here to watch.

2012 Nissan GT-R Arrives!

Posted by BerteraNissan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 23-03-2011


Its a weird feeling when they say that the 2012 GT-R is here.. It was a little like christmas.. Everyone joins out back to watch the GT-R roll off the truck all wrapped up like a present. I mean it really isnt every day one of these beauties comes around.. And what a beauty it is! So even wrapped up I took a couple shots to share with you from us here at Bertera Nissan

Well I hope you enjoy this car as much as we do. Just another reason why we say.. Choose Nissan


A visit from the NV2500

Posted by BerteraNissan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 15-03-2011


We had the Nissan NV2500 High Top stop in for a visit today and I snapped a couple photos to share with you.

R/C Cars.. Well Trucks

Posted by BerteraNissan | Posted in Just Jereme, Lifestyle | Posted on 07-03-2011


Something a bunch of us here at Bertera Nissan have gotten into… Remote Control Trucks..  Mainly Traxxas at the moment.. Ranging from the Rustler, Slash 4×4’s and a Stampede. So far we have gotten all of these in the Brushless form but using Cell batteries. I know I may be speaking another language here for some but I will describe a bit as we go.  (taking a little left from our main topics..)

Now the engines (brushed or Brushless) as I stated we have the Brushless models. These accept two types of batteries where the brushed version wont. Brushed will only use the cell batteries and brushless will also accept a lipo battery.  I have yet to try a lipo only because of a video I saw that the battery exploded! And man did it damadge the Stampede…  So in an effort of keeping cost down we have not yet gone there.. But these things FLY. Now we have not gone out and bought a radar gun or anything but figure we are running alomost all of them in the 40mph range. Yes that was read right.. 40 Miles Per Hour.  1/10 scale trucks. Like I said..  They FLY. On the trucks we drive most ( Stampede and Slash 4×4) we have changed out the optional gear for higher top speeds. Again only using eyes here it was not a huge change but I would figure a 5-10mph differance.  Out of the box there good for 35mph. 

So I plan to post about these from time to time as its something a few of us here have gotten into here.  Yes you mite catch us staying late to race around our trucks or meeting somewhere to see what we can do.. Jumps/Bash/Race.  Its just a good time I tell you. 😉

Now if this is something your considering.. Keep in mind its not just a buy and done…  Parts WILL Break and you will want to change others.. Bodies, Wheels & tires (Ive already changed all my wheels), and parts as they break.  I would like to find a Nissan Titan Truck Body. Maybe once my truck body is broken. Now these trucks do take a beating… So dont think it will fall apart in your hand but as I said they do like 40…. Hit something and come to a sudden halt and something may have broken. It happens.. 🙂 Upgrading is something we mite get into as time goes but for now it has just been really fun driving them around hitting jumps here and there..

I will try and get some photo’s/videos or our after hour activity with these up soon.  Just aiming for a little out of the Box from us as Bertera Nissan!

Columbus day say TODAY! 9am-8pm!

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Something I found for the D-I-Y out there.

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Now we all run into project and little things we see other people make. Little things to extravagant items…  Myself.. I do enjoy working outside or in the garage. Yes I do enjoy working on my motorcycle most.  But to see some of the things others come up with. And that you could do too.. Now those are worth sharing. So.. About that. Well I was searching through my type-pad blog and found 2Modern Design Talk and on the main page was a write up about Karen Bertelsen and her DIY Fire Pit for cheap. Now Cheap being the price.. Not the product.  Just so you can get a glimpse of what I mean….


Karens Fire Pit


On her page she goes into great detail on how to make this fire pit in great detail.  I’d suggest taking a look and maybe… Just maybe, you mite find your next project right here. We all know its the season to sit by the fire. So why not have it be one you made.  I think something like this mite be in mine soon… 😉

Again.. Keep Smiling!

Bertera Nissan

Bertera Nissan FaceBook Fan Page

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Choose Nissan Juke! Due at Bertera Nissan in October

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We had a Nissan Juke come by here not to long ago and we were able to take a look so I figured I should share some photos with you! 

I did get to take the Juke for a little ride while it was here as well. Now I am not a critic by any means or a pro driver but I really did enjoy the ride.  With 3 modes to choose from Normal, Eco, and Sport. You know what one the Juke was in for the most part.. 😉 I drove the SL AWD with CVT transmission.  (really cant wait to drive a stick shift thou.)

Now for my first impression I was a little confused with the transmission… I saw the tach needle raising and lowering and felt the Juke shifting what would seem to be gears…  Wait??  Isn’t this a CVT…  But yes it is.  I switch out of sport mode and low an behold the CVT trans acted as it normally would.  The masterminds behind the Juke set the sport mode to shift and act like a set gear ratio transmission.  WOW. That had to take some work!  But it brings a sporty feeling to this Sport-Cross.  And as far as the sporty feeling…  The Juke is packing a 1.6 DIG TURBO rated at 188hp.  Its got some get up and go! Just another reason to Choose Nissan.  Like I said it was not a long ride but it was definitely an enjoyable one. I cant wait to get more seat time and a better impression of what the Nissan Juke is capable of.  I am not a small guy..  And had 3 other work mates in the Juke with me. Still had a great ride and did not feel like a slouch at all. 

If you have questions regarding the Nissan Juke please feel free to comment below as I can get you almost any information you may require.

Here’s to you! SMILE 

Bertera Nissan


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We are starting our Fan to Win phase of Facebook here at Bertera Nissan.  Just one more reason to Choose Nissan!  We will be putting a prize on the line at different points and for different reasons on our Bertera Nissan FB Fan page.  We are always trying to figure out new ways to give back to our community. Just this past week we GAVE AWAY a NISSAN VERSA!   We have even had talks about using our FB Fan page for that next year.. So stay tuned!  And if you can please.. Suggest us to your friends. It could just win you something from us in the future!

The contest at hand is pretty simple.  Once we hit 500 fans I need you to show up in the showroom here at Bertera Nissan in Auburn, MA.  Ask for JEREME ERLANDSON (mon-fri 9-5) and be the first to let me know you helped us to 500 fans.  AND YOU WIN!  We all like some free stuff so get us some fans so I can start handing them out.  🙂

Who knows…   Maybe once we hit 10,000 that Versa just mite be on the line..  

Well as always.. Keep Smiling and have a great day!

Bertera Nissan

It’s a small world after all- Bertera Nissan

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   Times are changing and the world really is getting smaller. Not in size per say.. But who would of thought that you could get a message to the other side of the world in what.. seconds. Re-connect with people you haven’t or wouldn’t of ever seen again because of the screen your looking at right now. When I think about Face Book being the #1 visited site on Christmas it really makes me think how small the world is. I understood when it was google that was #1 as so many people use it. From looking up sites to asking a question. Where do you go for answers?  Google I bet..  Because even if your looking for a site that has the answers your probably going to google it to get there. But yes Facebook was #1 on Christmas and why.. because we are all connected in this “small world”. With the Facebook’s, Myspaces, twitters, multiple forums, blogs, and even more ways to connect with people. Or re-connect for that matter. Is the world really a big place? I know my uncle was in japan a couple of months ago and outside of the time difference he was a text away. And for that matter most of these Social Networks are now available on your phone. You don’t even need to text. You can input your “Status” right from your phone. You no longer have to e-mail (although you can from your phone) but send them a message on there social network or instant message them. Also right from your phone. Insert Social Media…  Now this is the latest and greatest wave of advertisement.  And for the most part it is free.. Well all but the time it takes to participate properly.

  Even right now I put one of our cars up on E-bay and I get people that are interested from all over the country. We have sold several GT-R’s at this point on only a few have been to local customers. Granted that car might not be considerd an every day driver for most of us out there.. But to think people can find us from anywhere at anytime can be shocking. And a bonus at the same time. The world wide web and many other mobile tools help everyone stay connect and able to reach or meet people all the time.

  I know even for me. I am “meeting” new people all the time. Some in person and alot from the web. As well as being able to stay in contact with people I would never of been able to in the past. You probably know ecaxtly what I am talking about on that one.  Well thats my rant for today 😉

Hope your all having a great day!